Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dark Angels Review: Interrogator-Chaplain

In many ways, the Interrogator-Chaplain can be thought of as an analogue to the Company Master.  He buffs a unit (particularly for close combat), but does not radically change the force (like Belial makes terminators in to troops).  He gets all the same options as the Company Master, but costs more.  This is because he has a built in 4+ save (thanks to the rosarius), the corzius arcanum, and the zealot special rule.  Hence many of the upgrades available to him and the Company Master (which are the same!!) are a bit of a waste of points given these auto-include upgrades.

Much like Asmodai, he is there to take the fight to the front lines.  So we want him tooled up much the same (and like the Company Master in fact!).  But we've got to be conscious we don't spend too much points on him that invalidate his already high base points cost.

Here's a few builds that may be worth considering.  Beyond these general ideas of teaming up with other terminators and assault orientated squads, I'm a bit "meh" on the interrogator-chaplain to be honest because other HQs do this equally as well, and sometimes more efficiently.

Interrogator-Chaplain, jump pack, Foe Smiter (145 points)
I think this is one of the best builds I can come up with that doesn't ruin the extra built-in cost relative to the Company Master.  The use of the jump pack is something he doesn't ordinarily have and means he gets to team up with an assault squad.  The Foe Smiter relic replaces his basic bolt pistol and provides a much needed shooting option.  If facing hordes, then this might be better replaced with a combi-flamer or the Lion's Roar.  Add a digital weapon to taste.

Interrogator-Chaplain, terminator armour, combi-flamer, digital weapons, auspex (165 points)
A build that tries to also keep the points cost low.  Place inside a strong terminator squad.  Use the auspex to lower the cover save, get close and flame, then engage in melee where the digital weapon will help finish off opposition quickly.

Interrogator-Chaplain, jump pack, porta rack, auspex (140 points)
Get to the enemies range fast.  Use the auspex before charging.  Charge and take control of your enemies teleport homers. Great for a mirror match involving terminators.  Note the points cost relative to Asmodai and the similar stat line here!  

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