Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Email in: 1000 points of Nurgle Daemons

Email in:
Ive been lurking here for a bit and really like your blog. I saw you were trying to make a Epidemius / nurgle daemons list a while back. What would you recommend for 1000 pts of fluff filled nurgle daemons with Epi?

Thanks for your question! Yes, I did try to make an Epidemius list a while back, as can be seen from some of my earlier posts (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7). If I were trying to construct a mono-Nurgle Epidemius list at 1000 points, with fluff, then I would try something like this:

Epidemius (110 points)
Great Unclean One, Aura of Decay, Cloud of Flies (185 points)
7 Nurgling bases (91 points)
7 Plaguebearers, instrument (110 points)
7 Plaguebearers, instrument (110 points)
7 Plaguebearers, instrument (110 points)
Daemon Prince, Mark of Nurgle, Daemonic Flight (170 points)
Daemon Prince, Mark of Nurgle (110 points)

Total = 996 Points.

To be honest, my experience of Epidemius at this points level is not good -- he doesn't work out too well usually! But the above list has a couple of pros: several monstrous creatures to get the Tally up quickly (including a prince with wings to chase down some of the faster movers!), a Great Unclean One as a big road bump (don't forget to use the aura of decay repeatedly -- it counts toward the Tally!) and a few squads of plaguebearers and nurglings. Each plaguebearer squad has an instrument for reasons outlined here. Hopefully the instruments will become surplus to requirements quickly enough.

On the Con side: there are no icons in this army. Risky, yes. But the icons are expensive, and if you're playing daemons, you probably won't mind the randomness of deep strike too much. And most importantly, this army is SLOW and will struggle against a large bunch of rhino-riding marines. You need to optimize your deep strike to pin in some select juicy units. Use your quicker miniatures to reach close combat as soon as possible and deploy Epidemius with one of the plaguebearer or nurgling squads. The nurglings will be amazing if they manage to get pumped up by Epidemius.

There are also no Beasts of Nurgle in this list ... if you want to experiment with them, then perhaps swap out a squad of plaguebearers and see what happens. They're roughly equivalent to about 2 plaguebearers each, but I'm unconvinced about them at low points levels. But for the sake of the fluff, give them a go if you're tempted. Use proxies as well if you can whilst you're experimenting, since mono-Nurgle lists are expensive to purchase.

Let me repeat: this is not a tournament army by any means, and is far from optimal. Expect to get pounded. But every once in a while, ...and maybe against only certain armies..., you could have an amazing experience!

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