Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sweeping Necrons with Daemonettes

In the small number of games I've played daemons against necrons, I've learnt that the I need to totally avoid any Monoliths that may be on the board, and any C'Tan. Instead, my tactical aim is to aim for a phase out victory by destroying all necron warrior squads present and forcing their vanishing.I attempt to do this by putting my bloodletter and daemonette squads on the front line. In particular, the daemonettes have assault grenade equivalents that are useful against the (usually) static (4th edition style) gunline warrior squads holed up in scenery.

The trick is to take enough daemonettes and bloodletters to overcome any incoming gauss weapon fire. And then charge. With any luck, the necron's leadership value will be reduced to something suitably low. When they flee, the high initiative of the daemonettes is nearly always sufficient to give a sweeping advance.

Meanwhile, if there are any C'Tan on the board, I'll aim to tie them up with plaguebearers or other Nurgle daemons. They're useful in this situation due to their poisoned weapons which always wound on 4+, and their general tar-pitting utility. Monoliths are then either completely ignored, or I will just bait them with a Great Unclean One or daemon prince as a road bump.

In many ways, this is no different to the way in which many players attempt to play against necrons. But with their deep-strike ability and high initiative, I've found daemonettes to be neat exponents of this tactic; given a reasonable deep strike on to the gaming board.


lil will said...

i never really thought about that,

great idea

do daemons scatter when they deepstrike? because if you scatter into a bad spot they can get shot fairly quick

jabberjabber said...

Hi lil will -- yes daemons do scatter, which is why multiple squads, fleet and (sometimes) icons (i.e. homing beacons) come in useful.

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