Monday, September 13, 2010

Costings: Death Guard Army

Inspired (or worried?!) by a few other posts in the blogosphere, I thought I'd sit down and compute how much money I've spent creating my core Death Guard army list. I'll use pounds in the analysis below since I usually order from the UK.

Daemon Prince -- could be 20 UKP with the new miniature, but I built mine from a Forge World plague ogryn (18 UKP) with dragon wings (6 UKP).
Dreadnought from Forge World -- 26 UKP (body), + 7 UKP (left arm), + 7 UKP (plasma cannon)
3 squads of 7 plague marines in rhinos. Assuming they're just basic chaos marines, that's 3 boxed sets (3 x 22.5 UKP) and 3 rhinos (3 x 20 UKP).
1 predator (27 UKP)
2 Vindicators (2 x 27 UKP).

That comes to 272.5 UKP ... and that is before I add in lots of bits like zombie parts for my plague marines and so forth.
Better not tell my wife.

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