Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Poll Result: Which Expansions You've Played Recently

Thank you to everyone who took part in the poll on which expansions you played recently. The results were as follows:

Apocalypse: 40%
Cities of Death 25%
Planetstrike 14%
Spearhead 3%
Battle Missions 44%
Kill Team 48%
Linebreaker 1%
Planetary Empires 4%
Other 3%

As predicted by a few commentators in the original posting, Battle Missions performed wonderfully well, probably in large part due to the fact it is a simple bolt-on to regular 40k, particularly for those bored of standard missions. Unsurprising to me (but perhaps surprising to other folks) is how well Kill Team performed -- better than Battle Missions even(!) Such a strong performance from 200 point games is great.

Also performing well is Apocalypse. The long-term impact of the "use everything" game is still looking strong.

Planetstrike gained 14% -- not as much as I thought it might. Perhaps this is indicative that Apocalypse is the most favoured variant 40k game.

Spearhead hasn't done well at all with 3%. Especially given it is the most recent "release". Even Planetary Empires is doing better than Spearhead (I confess that I am a fan of Planetary Empires myself!).

Okay, those are my thoughts. Anyone else want to add anything?

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