Friday, September 3, 2010

Night Fighting Note to Self

Note to self: Night fighting rules apply to game turn 1 in a Dawn of War deployment.

Secondly, a couple of strategems in Planetstrike (Darken the Skies, and Dawn Assault) can also provide night fighting rules if purchased. (Anyone out there still playing Planetstrike regularly? See the Warpstone Flux poll here)

Night fighting rules can help daemon armies on the turn they arrive survive against incoming firepower...


oni said...

I'm still trying to get in my fist game of Planetstrike.

hanna_ibobs said...

yes the night fight can help the daemons on the turn they drop in, but given that in planetstrike they can assault on the same turn, do they need it? Well I guess the shooty guys like horrors might.

Also, I have planetstrike but haven't played it yet.

jabberjabber said...

Hi hanna_ibobs -- yes indeed: the attack on the turn that they land rule from planetstrike helps daemons inordinately. But several poor deep strikes often means that only a few units actually manage to get in to combat.
But in a "regular" 40k game, the night fighting rules are certainly worthwhile remembering for daemons.

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