Friday, September 24, 2010

Mighty Empires: Oasis in the Badlands

Having wanted to try out a desert Empires tile for a while, I decided to take the plunge with this piece. As well as a variety of texture to play around with, it also features a small lake in one of the corners.
For the painting, I under-coated the entire piece in black, and then applied a dehneb stone base coat. After drying, I applied an ad-mixture of brown, black ink, and blazing orange all over the tile. To accentuate the colours, a dry brush of the stone base coat was blended with blazing orange and selectively applied.

To bring out the relief in the raised, or mountainous, portions, I applied a watered down black ink colour around the base of the hills. This creates a strong illusion of depth in the work. Meanwhile, the oasis in the corner features several layers of blue (starting with light blue toward the outskirts and deeper blues in the middle) surrounded by a small extent of verdant green colours to suggest life is thriving around the lake.

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