Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Poll: Which Expansions Have You Played Recently?

There are now a number of Warhammer 40,000 expansions to the core game. Cities of Death, Apocalypse, Planetstrike, Spearhead, battle missions (I'm listing both kill team and linebreaker as distinct from the core battle missions), and even Planetary Empires can all have a place in the greater context of the game.

I'm interested to know which of those you play? Do you play some expansions more than others, and some not at all?

I'm starting up a poll (right hand column) to see which of the expansions you play, and what ones are popular vs. unpopular. Please only tick the boxes for the ones that you played recently (I'll leave it up to your good selves to determine what you each mean by "recently"). If you've long since stopped playing a certain expansion despite having the capacity to play said expansion, leave a comment below and tell everyone why.

This poll will close in 2 weeks time.


The Antipope said...

I've been playing a lot of Battle Missions recently. About 4 games in the last couple of weeks. I like the fact that you can pretty much use your standar FOC just with slightly different scenarios. It adds some nice variety between games and makes me think out of the box when it comes to winning the game.

Gothmog said...

My club does a mega battle apocalypse battle once a semester. Easily tops over 20k a side sometimes.

Thor said...

Battle Missions the most, hands down. I'm with The Antipope, it's easily accessible, no pre-planning needing, just grab the book and roll up a mission. I also have Planetstrike but have only managed maybe three games with it since release. I'd love to get in more games with it but having to plan ahead for it limits how often I get to play it.

Jennifer said...

It's usually next to impossible to pick up a game in my area unless your playing battle missions or the standard missions. 90,000+ (A side) Apocalypse battles seem popular but I really cannot commit to 30+ hour games myself

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