Monday, September 20, 2010

Many-Armed Horror

How many arms can fit on to a plastic horror of Tzeentch? Lots, of course!

This particular plastic horror has six arms attached (I was going to aim for nine for fluffy reasons, but was worried they'd clutter the miniature a bit too much!).

The new plastic horrors come supplied with a range of two or one arms that can interchangeably be attached at the shoulders. Thus, it is easy to create, two, three, or four armed horrors. In some ways, they are very reminiscent of the old genestealer hybrid models of twenty or more years ago (they were also supplied with a combination of one or two arms attaching to a given shoulder).

This miniature was assembled as a regular four armed horror -- i.e. two lots of two arms at each shoulder. A fifth arm was attached to the side of the torso on the left hand side of the miniature (the close fist). A little bit of green stuff helps to blend the pinning job I've done to hold it in place. The sixth arm juts straight out of the mouth of the horror! To do this, I've had to shorten the arm, remove the tongue of the horror and pin it in place before the mouth is glued over the top. Only a few of the horror heads have a wide enough maw to permit this sort of conversion, so if you're thinking about copying this approach, I strongly recommend dry-fitting your arm in the maw of the horror before you go ahead and chop or glue.

I think I'm going to have the sixth, mouth arm painted in blue eventually; suggestive of a blue horror trying to get out of the pink one! In some ways, I like the idea of the whole blue-in-pink horrors. It is something that the new plastic horrors are missing, I feel. At least in comparison to the older metal horrors of the mid-2000's.

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