Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shadow Sword: Part VIII. Base Coat

Red, black and silver. There's something very threatening about those colours, even if I've missed out on adding in bronze for the full Khornate trifecta. Although I had considered some Nurgle colours, I wanted my Shadow Sword to look like it had come from a renegade Forge World, rather than been corrupted from the decaying powers of Nurgle (otherwise I would have built a plague reaper). I also wanted to avoid the camouflage colours that are commonly seen on a number of Imperial tanks -- neat as they are, they were not for this tank, in spite of nominative determinism of the name and function of this superheavy.

Hence, I have chosen red as the primary base coat colour for my Shadow Sword. I have left the black of the under coat showing through in a number of places (and drybrushed silver), with an accent colour of bleached bone on selected locales. Perhaps the most remarkable thing is that I didn't even use a full paint pot of mechrite red as the base coat. I still have some (tiny) amount left over! I'm sure it'll come in useful when I get to the next stages of painting.


the other Kevin said...

I can't imagine doing this much red. I am certainly interested in seeing the next stages.

jabberjabber said...

I think the next stages will involve lots of dark washes to tone down the sheer brightness of the red and, more generally, make the tank look more dirty and worn.

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