Saturday, September 18, 2010

Assorted Thoughts on Assembling Plastic Pink Horrors

The perils of the old metal Pink Horrors of Tzeentch (and Flamers) have long been documented. The new plastic horrors present a different challenge. So today, I'm writing down some randomly ordered thoughts on assembling these warp spawned creatures. For me, it all comes down to planning rather than just launching right in to things.

  • The bodies are all numbered on one side of the sprue. It is important to pay attention to the numbering and not simply chop everything out of the sprues and pile them up in a big mixed-up pile(!)

  • The heads are largely NOT interchangeable.

  • Given the above point, it is tempting to swap a few heads around -- particularly if you want to use both of the heads that go with body number 1 (the champion head, and a regular / normal head). I wanted to replace one of the beaked heads with the normal, spare head number 1. But that takes green stuff work!

  • Unlike the bodies, the arms ARE interchangeable.

  • Given the above, I'd suggest planning out which combination of arms you want on each body. And by "planning out", I mean going as far as dry fitting the arms to see which ones look best on a given body. And which bodies you want 4 arms, 3 arms or 2 arms on. If you don't have at least a few three armed horrors, then the rest will all be two or four armed. I like the three armed ones -- I think they look very Tzeentchian.

  • I didn't use the instrument -- largely because of the tactica I worked out.

  • The arm with the knife extends over the head. It has the potential to clash with other arms. Either use this arm with the icon (as per the suggestion contained in the instructions), or dry fit it carefully.

    The image is of one of the four armed horrors that I assembled from the plastic boxed set. He's a very dynamic beastie that seems well suited to four arms!
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