Sunday, November 15, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Invictarus Suzerain Squad

The Invictarus Suzerains serve Guilliman in a direct manner, rather than going through the usual chain of command that the Ultramarines Legion is known for. In effect, they are Guilliman's chosen: selected for special roles and armed appropriately. They are selected for greatness, and in effect this warrior cadre is for those marines who are in command training to a greater or lesser extent.

These space marines not only have an extra pip in WS, but all are armed with Legatine Axes -- that means an AP2 weapon going at initiative with a chance to automatically wound on a natural roll of a 6. This is very powerful considering that most other AP2 weapons go at I=1 in melee (e.g., terminators with power axes). Continuing the terminator analogy further, these guys are simply better due to not being bulky, having grenades, boarding shields, and being able to sweep enemies. In addition, their armour is 2+ which makes them the equivalent of terminators in terms of raw armour save.

Their special rules shine as well. The bonus to Ld for units within 12" due to Lords of Ultramar is fantastic. As well, they are chosen warriors and able to be taken as command squads as well (in which case they swap out their shield for a legion standard).

They share a lot of the same features as terminators. Hence they need to look out for AP1 weapons from things like vindicators (as well as certain Mechanicum units in general).

Possibly a weakness is the only dedicated transport available is a land raider. In a small points value game, one would probably want something different. Equally, not being terminators, they are not bulky and therefore take up less room in transports.

There are a couple of upgrades here: plasma options, thunder hammers, as well as extra bodies. Here's a few ideas.

10 Invictarus Suzerains (450 points)
One curious thing here is that extra Suzerains cost more than the baseline squad. Hence for this build, it is CHEAPER to purchase two lots of 5 marines, rather than a squad of 10. This bucks the general trend in 30k of having cheaper stuff for larger members.

5 Invictarus Suzerains, all armed with Thunder Hammers (275 points)
Fairly straight forward swap of Legatine Axes for thunder hammers to be deadly to a wider range or targets in the game. I actually like this build a lot and could see my Alpha Legion stealing it for Coils of the Hydra!

5 Invictarus Suzerains, all armed with plasma pistols (275 points)
Take a dreadclaw drop pod (or equivalent) and team up with an HQ selection to burn righteous plasma death upon landing to foes all around.

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Eric said...

These guys mostly pain me because they show what Phalanx Warders could have been, and aren't.

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