Sunday, November 22, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Damocles Command Rhino

Demonstrating that the Ultramarines are capable of innovation, the Damocles is effectively a special communications tank capable of many nifty features, but is ultimately still a rhino chassis.

Not scattering within a large radius when deep striking in to play; allowing the controlling player to tweak their own reserves rolls by +/-1; causing more serious deep strike mishaps to enemies; and a bombardment to top it all off!

The last of these is critical: a S8 AP3 large blast is terrific, even if its only once per game. A few of these kind of blasts from other sources can be a game changer for obvious reasons.

In an army that is dependant on deep striking (and perhaps messing around with enemy reserves -- see Remus Ventanus, or Alpha Legion Rite of War) it can be a great asset.

Note: Ultramarines can carry two of these in an army list as a unique bonus, the second coming from a dedicated transport choice for a Master of Signal.

This tank is still a rhino. It still has AV=11 and suffers accordingly.

Damocles (no upgrades).
This tank is worth the costs so long as you manage to get off the focused bombardment in early turns.

Damocles, extra armour, hunter-killer missile (120 points).
A bit more upgraded, with a fun missile and a bit more durability. Add in a dozer blade to taste depending on your own preferences and play style. 

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