Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Ceratus Knight-Lancer

Combining speed, agility and a certain amount of grace (well, at least as much as a Knight class chassis can manage), the Ceratus is a bit of a departure from the other Knights in terms of both its height, configuration and purpose on the battlefield.

The shooting attack from the lance of the Ceratus has a concussive component that is excellent against large targets like monstrous creatures. In close combat it also gains a bonus to initiative which is a slight edge over other D class weapons regularly toted by other Knights.

Again in close combat, the Ceratus gains an invulnerable save. This means that this Knight wants to get in to close combat as soon as possible and start to slay things. With a penalty of -1 to other superheavy walkers to hit it, this is a knight that can certainly go toe to toe with enemy knights and come off better.

It is necessary to remember that the lance does not have a pie plate associated with it, unlike certain other knights. It is heavy 6 though, which makes it nice in form of compensation. Yet still rather short range.

There's not too many options here, so I would go for the basic naked knight for 400 points. In terms of household ranks, I would certainly be thinking of the HQ Seneschal. Although other options might be nice, I would only use them if I had another HQ already selected (which presumably would be a second Ceratus Knight-Lancer in the army list!). In that case, I could be tempted to give a second Ceratus the Aucteller rank. An Arbalester could also be tempting in a pinch too.

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