Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Games Workshop Manchester (Central)

In the heart of Manchester (UK) lies the Arndale Centre. Boasting some 41million visitors per annum, the Arndale Centre is the third largest shopping mall in all of Europe, located in the extensive retail district of the city. 

As you can imagine, such a mall sees a large amount of footfall. The Games Workshop store is located inside the mall, but near one of the outer edges on the first floor, next to Boots (a British chemist chainstore) and a bridal store. The first picture below shows the store front. 

The store itself is very spacious inside (depth wise) and has a lot of room for gaming tables and more besides. The next image below shows one of the displays in the window (on the right from the above image):

Yes. Its a TITAN. A large dakka-ing titan. In the window of GW Manchester. Hats off ladies and gentlemen, you stunned me with that before I even went in to the store.

And then I went in to the store and was greeted by not only very enthusiastic staff, but also some seriously good displays:

Seriously -- check out that second one -- totally worthy of a display in Nottingham itself I'd think!

More than that, check out the Apocalypse sized gaming table toward the back of the store as well:

Blown Away. 

So totally impressed with you Games Workshop Manchester! Congratulations not only on your staff who were polite, friendly, talkative (but not pressuring like other localities), but your displays were amazing. 

I hope to get to Nottingham one day, but you guys rocked the Games Workshop high street retail store experience for me. 


George Quail said...

I was in Manchester in September and was also really impressed with this store. It's probably the best GW store I've ever seen.

jabberjabber said...

Got to agree -- out of all the GW stores I've been to, it certainly ranks at the top so far (except for Warhammer World, but I guess that's a bit different!).

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