Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Ceratus Knight-Acheron

The Acheron is a Knight built for massacre. Being on the battlefield can mean only one thing: the enemy is to be scoured from existence in purifying flame. And therein is the purpose of the Knight - lots of fire.

Clearly the hell storm ranged flame cannon is the chief weapon here. This means that the Knight needs lots of smaller opponents at reasonably close range. The Acheron is therefore a Knight that wants to get reasonably close and personal with an enemy for battle.

The Reaper chain fist encourages this style of play, designed as it is to rake on enemy tanks with a class D weapon that also ensures a "1" is rerolled on the destroyer damage table.

This is not a Knight that can be held back on the rear of the deployment zone. It needs to be upfront and taking point in the battles - particularly against anything in power armour or weaker given the AP3 on the flame cannon. Seriously: the flame cannon is all sorts of amazing against legion opponents -- remember that since it is a template it will ignore cover as well. It couldn't be much better.

The only issue for me is the points cost which is rather high in comparison to other knights in the army list.

Keeping the Knight "naked" costs a steep 415 points. But the major question for me is what Household Rank to give it.

I believe that a Seneschal would be fine for this Knight to lead from the front with. An Aucteller might be a good choice given the re-roll on the D class weapon too.

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