Monday, November 16, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Honoured Telemechrus

A decade in to service, and this marine found himself interred inside a contemptor. Although he slumbered when the Betrayal at Calth happened, the sheer level of violence woke him up and he then had to figure out how to master fighting as a dreadnought.

The bonus that Telemachrus gains to assault resolution can be game changing in many situations - particularly tar-pitting situations for nearby Ultramarines Legion units.

His hatred of traitor forces is a nice touch and very fluffy.

The equipment he comes with is fairly standard, as with other named contemptors such as Rylanor and nothing particularly to write home about. At least the Kheres and fist combination is tactically flexible. And the d3 hammer of wraths on the charge is very nice indeed.

Being resilient is the icing on the cake by forcing re-rolls of damage results.

Note that Telemachrus does not have the Ultramarines Legion special rules. Hence he does not grant the combat resolution to himself. Therefore he is vulnerable to tar pitting himself.

There are not options here, so I won't bother with build combinations. Overall, Telemechrus is a solid choice, if not an outstanding one. If you're going to be purchasing a contemptor dreadnought for an Ultramarines Legion force, then Telemechrus is actually a good option thanks to his buffing of nearby units for combat resolution and sweeping advances. I regard him as worthwhile and characterful, but he must be at the forefront of the combat along with other Ultramarines. He therefore will need some kind of drop pod to get him where he needs to be in all likelihood.

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