Monday, November 2, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Questoris Knight Styrix

For some Houses, the Styrix is a blood lusting machine whose only concern is the death of infantry. In some eyes, this makes them less "worthy" of the title of Knight. But not in all cases. I'm sure the Night Lords would eagerly serve alongside them. Enough said.

There is a clear synergy between the weapons here. The graviton gun is excellent at getting to grips with any type of infantry (whilst potentially doubling up for tank duties), trapping them whilst the volkite chieorovile (and potentially the rad cleanser) mop up the poor survivors.

The only real question here is whether to swap out the Hekaton siege claw for the rad cleanser. This is a big choice as it means giving up a class D melee weapon. Equally, the wrecker rule is not doing much here as this is clearly an anti-infantry Knight.

Being so very highly tuned to an anti-infantry rule, one cannot help but think that there are better units out there to deal with infantry. At worst, there are pie plates from other weapons and other classes of Knight that could double up for this duty. It is also one of the pricier knights overall.

There are only two choices here: whether to swap out the D class melee weapon for a rad cleanser, and whether to take the ocular augmetics or not. I'm on the fence for the former, it could be really a good idea to take the rad cleanser if one can get close. The lack of torrent is a pain though. The ocular augmetics are okay.

Hence my favoured build here is probably to keep the basic knight (405 points).

In terms of Household Ranks, I would contend that the Preceptor is probably just about the most appropriate for this Knight. I could also see it as being an Arbelaster as well as a Seneschal HQ choice. Then again, it would do as a simple troops choice as well to be fair.

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