Saturday, November 7, 2015

Legion Bundles with Betrayal at Calth

Following on from yesterday's post, the Forge World tease was about the new bundles that it is releasing. In brief, they contain the Betrayal at Calth board game, plus enough components in resin to convert the 30 space marines in Mark IV armour to one of the legions (i.e. shoulder pads, helmets and torsos). There's a few other bundles featuring armoured upgrades, but the main part of them are the legions (minus Thousand Sons, and Space Wolves, of course).

Each of the main bundles costs GBP225. Is it worth it?

The main board game is GBP95.
Each torso plus helmet plus shoulder pad set of 10 is GBP44. Three lots of these would therefore be GBP132.
Hence this represents a saving of 2 pounds over the normal price.

Alternatively, we could price is as GBP11.50 for a set of 5 torsos. Hence that's GBP69 for 30.
Three lots of helmets at GBP11.50 for 10 comes out at GBP34.50 for 30.
And then there's three lots of shoulder pads at GBP10 each, or GBP30 for 30.
That is GBP228.50 in total. A saving of 3.50 pounds for the bundle.

Hence there is a price saving, but its not very significant - some one per cent.

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