Saturday, November 21, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Captain Remus Ventanus

Remus Ventanus of the Ultramarines made a name for himself on Calth. Gathering the remnants of the 4th to him, he allowed the surviving tech-priest to finish regaining control of the orbital defence grid and then went straight on the rally the Ultramarines in an impressive fight back against the Word Bearers. In the later underground war, he became known as the Saviour of Calth and his name rings through the background history of 30k because of it.

Ventanus puts enemy players at a disadvantage by toying with their reserve rolls by one pip negatively, at the expense of the enemy player being able to re-roll.

His warlord trait allows Ultramarines to gain the stubborn rule when they're basically on top of an objective. This is a great boon for the team and can be a late-game game winner for the Ultramarines.

Along with a legion standard, nuncio vox, he is a force to be reckoned with.

Fundamentally, he still has only a 3+ armour save. In effect, he is a legion centurion with the bog-standard power sword and bolt pistol combination. Its nothing to write home about to be honest. Controlling players should therefore regard him as a cheap-ish HQ - or a legion centurion with master of the legion rule.

Ventarus allows two things to happen. The first is that he can cause the Ultramarines to have two legion standards on the board at once (when combined with a command squad or Invictarus squad). Secondly, he can mess around with the enemies reserves. This is superbly effective in concert with a land raider proteus upgraded with exploratory augury web. Add in a Damocles command rhino and it starts to look bad for enemies that are relying on deep strikes!

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