Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Horus Heresy Review: Ceratus Knight-Castigator

For those houses with lots of small critters to take out (Orks, Tyranids - ahem Genestealers, rebels, or the like), the Knight-Castigator is highly favoured.

As would befit a knight that is intended to take out lots of smaller opponents, the Knight-Castigator is armed with the castigator bolt cannon. At heavy 8 with AP3, this is deadly even to space marine squads.

Couple with with the war blade that is a class D melee weapons that can forsake its initiative to automatically hit everything in base contact with it makes this one knight to get up close and personal with the enemy to take them out.

It therefore also needs to be played accordingly. It is a support unit and front line melee unit. It won't be taking out tanks from range. Equally, there is the potential to whittle down a light armoured tank just from wiping away hull points from the bolt cannon.

On top of this, the D weapon will almost be guaranteed to finish off a squad that the Knight has hit with the bolt cannon (particularly if its space marines). But perhaps this is not what the player would desire. It might be better to get locked in combat during the enemies turn as well?

There are not many options, hence I personally favour the baseline entry for this Knight at 380 points.

In terms of household ranks, I like the arbelester as well as the preceptor for this Knight.

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