Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Shardwrack Spines

Continuing a bit of a scenery theme, today some Shardwrack Spines. These are distinctly my favourite entry in the Death World Forest boxed set by a good margin. The reason for this is not only their design, but their comparative simplicity. The plastic effectively comes in two bits -- the bases, and the spines themselves. Many of the spines are one bit in and of themselves as they overlap with other spines poking out of the ground. 

The image below shows my completed set of Shardwrack Spines set on one of my more marsh / swamp like boards where I think they complement the background very well.

The painting follows the theme presented by Games Workshop's painting team. The base of the spines are a dark brown colour, the lower portions of the upright spines are dull green, and the upper parts of the upright spines are a crimson red. These elements are blended together with selective use of inks and washes. Parts of the scenery have been dry brushed (particularly the base parts), and I've added some detail on the "spots" of the bark. I've no idea what these spots are supposed to be, so I picked them out in light green and orange. I think it works reasonably well and looks suitably alien.

Just for completeness, the second image (below) shows the spines freshly assembled. There are limited spines involved, and I (accidentally) glued similar spines to both types of bases. If I get more of these dangerous plants, then I will certainly mix up the differently shaped parts more. 

In terms of dimensions, the spines are over twice the height of a standard space marine, and they provide reasonable cover … albeit dangerous cover. I wonder how they will work in 8th? I hope they're going to think about how the rules for scenery will interact with the new rules given that the boxed sets like the Death World Forest come with rules supplied for the scenery elements. 


WestRider said...

So, how dangerous are they for the Players? Having recently stabbed myself fairly seriously on one of the "fence post toppers" from a Sanctum Imperialis, this has become a substantial concern of mine :P

jabberjabber said...

I hear your pain!! I have repeatedly stabbed myself with some of the Imperial Sector buildings in various tournaments over the years. Manufactorum are not so bad -- they usually have flat fence posts, but the others are all very pointed.
The Spines themselves are not that sharp to be honest. The tips of them are somewhat rounded (rather than highly pointed in comparison to the Sanctum Imperialis). Hence the probability of hurting yourself with them is low. In fact, they're the least pointy component of the Death World forest set as far as I can tell (some of the other plants are potentially player dangerous for being pointy!).

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