Friday, April 14, 2017

Horus Heresy Review: Magistus Amon

Rumour has it that Amon was the first teacher that Magnus had on Prospero. His young pupil must have quickly exceeded his ability to teach him though.

Interestingly, he must have also been an adult by implication when the Emperor found Magnus. Hence, his transformation in to an Astartes must have been different to other older people such as Kor Phaeron. Arguably, Magnus made it so.

Amon has a bunch of interesting equipment that goes alongside his praetor-like stat line and level 3 psyker abilities. Unlike Ahriman, he generates powers from both divination and from telepathy, making him a bit of a more flexible prospect for a warlord.

His armour is very nice for being able to share a cover save bonus to any unit he is attached to, as well as boosting his own cover save wherever he might be -- even in the open.

He also keeps around with him a dust filled trinket from when the predatory psychneuein parasites were around. This acts as a one-off weapon that is poisoned and concussive. It can really help out in a tough melee as it hits automatically (1d6 or 2d6 depending on the number of opponents faced) and can turn a battle in to a victory readily.

As if this were not enough, he is also an army buff, enabling re-rolling of seizing of the initiative and preventing outflanking in a huge bubble around himself. His reputation is therefore well founded.

I don't think Amon has too many weaknesses. His warlord trait is a bit average (outflank an ordinary unit on a particular turn without a reserves roll), but other than that, he stands out as a good option for a warlord for the Thousand Sons thanks to his flexibility, his buffing, and individual potential on the battlefield.

I see Amon as a very respectable warlord for the Thousand Sons. He is not quite a character that entire strategies can be built around like some, but he has enough special rules at a good points cost to be a serious contender for warlord for most Thousand Sons builds.

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