Monday, April 10, 2017

Horus Heresy Review: Sekhmet Terminator Cabal

The Sekhmet were a brotherhood within a brotherhood within the Thousand Sons. The fluff mentions that they were so unified that they were more like automata shaped in the likeness of men rather than the other way around. Illuminating for what they will ultimately become perhaps.

Most obviously these marines are terminators (in any armour flavour you like) whilst being level 2 brotherhood of psykers.

They all come with force weapons and combi-weapons with asphyx shells to boot. Plus they are stubborn.

I think my main problem is that they can only have access to telekinesis and pyromancy as their disciplines. These disciplines are not the most powerful, but they are quality secondaries.

This can readily be offset with the correct choice of Thousand Sons cult though. Generating warp charges on a 3+ is a huge boon, and that's before considering the bonus effects that they can have.

That leaves the points cost. Give that these terminators have 2 wounds each, I think I would be very happy paying the points cost to gain the psyker abilities. Plus, they're probably going to be a half decent target for Alpha Legion Coils to boot. Very good value really when it comes down to it!

5 Sekhmet Terminators, 2 chain fists (275 points). 
A baseline mixed-thread units. Take with raptor cult for bonus to the invulnerable save and telekinetic powers.

10 Sekhmet Terminators, 3 chain fists, 3 power fists (475 points).
Getting pricey now, but still worth it. This is a blob best used with their teleporters activated. Drop in place and have some fun. Take with Pyrae and tartaros armour to keep the sweeping advance. Take combi-plasmas to taste.

5 Sekhmet Terminators, 4 with lightning claws (255 points).
Take with either Pyrae or Raptor and base out of a land raider. Assault for the win whilst being backed up with psyker powers.


Ninjasuperspy said...

My Lerneans are incredibly jealous of their ability to choose between Cataphractii & Tartaros armor.

TheGraveMind said...

So I know this is a hot topic.
The fact that you get 3++ two wound terminators so keep all their weapons, for their points they are a steal.

Then look at the fact that they get to pick their powers instead of roll for them, that's why they are limited in their disciplines. You always pick levitate and the large blast one. Move six, float 12.

A lot of thousand son players are having a hard time cause they have become the eldar of heresy. The book seems to be balanced internally.
Luckily the community is much more relaxed and can accept the more casual play.

jabberjabber said...

Am fairly certain that the "pick" issue will be FAQ'ed at the next opportunity. That said, the 3+ invulnerable coupled with 2 wounds each is simply amazing for the points cost even without the choosing of powers!!

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