Monday, April 3, 2017

Facebook Page (Re)Launch and a Horus Heresy Tournament Question

Long term readers might know that just over five years ago Warpstone Flux had a Facebook Page associated with this blog. Back then, we used RSS graffiti to automatically populate the Facebook page with a copy (link) to the latest blog postings. This proved popular as a number of people very much liked to access the blog material within Facebook. 

However, RSS graffiti soon became unsupported and died a rapid death. After this event, we decided to "hide" the Facebook group and put it in storage in order to concentrate on posts within the blog itself. 

Today, we are announcing the re-launch of the Warpstone Flux Facebook page! There are multiple reasons for this, including a number of people emailing me over recent weeks and months suggesting that some of the posts I had here might be better discussed on Facebook -- in particular the questions I had about running a Horus Heresy Tournament. We will try to update the Facebook page on at least a weekly basis, and more frequently if required. In the first instance though, we will be using the page to mostly talk about tournament related topics. 

Old posts from early 2012 and prior will remain there, but we won't be touching them -- our focus is on the present. 

Horus Heresy Question.
The first topic for discussion on the Facebook Page (and here as well if you care to comment) is how should a 30k army list be restricted and/or built?

The rationale behind this question is that we want to prevent over-powered and win-at-all-costs army lists from dominating the battlefield, whilst still remaining a competitive environment for the average player to enjoy. Of course, we will never totally eliminate a spartan tank filled with terminators accompanied by further land raiders. But hopefully there are ways to restrict builds in 30k to ensure that folks can bring the armies that they like to the tables.

Firstly, and most obviously, allies can be banned. This has a large number of obvious benefits. But the problem here is that many Word Bearer lists rely on allying themselves with Chaos Daemons, and we'd want such lists to still remain viable.

If we did have allies then, how should they be handled? Personally, I'd favour banning named characters from allied lists -- this would prevent Fateweaver style builds from appearing in the first instance. However, it would adversely affect folks who wanted to bring some Knights Errant to the table (Rubio et al. in particular should be permitted in my opinion). So perhaps ban all named characters except for Knights allies?

Lords of War and Primarchs are clearly very popular. I would not want to ban them. However in conjunction with certain allies they can be over-powered. Hence, should there be a choice between having EITHER one ally, OR taking a Lords of War? I think this is a smart way to go, but would like to hear others views.

Finally, its important to points-restrict both allies and Lords of War at a 20% to 25% level. We don't want any titans showing up. Except as scenery maybe. 

Your thoughts are welcome both here and on the Facebook Page! 

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30k plus 40k said...

I think a good restriction re named characters would be thus:

2 named characters maximum if both are in primary detachment.

Only 1 named character allowed if it is in the allied detachment.

If a Primarch is selected, no other named characters may be taken.

This allows primary faction fluff to be fielded, prevents comboing with named characters in the allied detachment, and recognises the power of a Primarch.

Just my tuppence worth :)

Kraggi said...

I like 30k plus 40k's idea.

jabberjabber said...

Allowing named characters in the allies also allows Fateweaver and BeLakor in Word Bearers builds *shudder*. So I'm against that. Otherwise these are all great ideas and the kind of thing that merits thought.

30k plus 40k said...

Perhaps then you can use the above restrictions with the additional proviso that all named characters must be chosen from the specific Horus Heresy series of books.

I don't believe fateweaver or Belakor are *actually* included in them.

Thus allowing daemonic allies but not daemonic special characters and such?

Looking forward to seeing how the Tournament pack turns out!

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