Friday, April 21, 2017

Lotus Pods Scenery

Lotus pods are an amazing product of nature. If you've ever seen some weird photoshopped images on the internet of skin with crazy holes in it, then its probably a lotus pod blend that you've been looking at. 

More than this though, lotus pods are a great source of inspiration for gaming and scenery modelling. They're cheap enough to buy in bulk too and readily available from vendors such as Amazon. Although being a natural product, you will have to check out if they are available in your own country (or for import to your home country) before you place an order. They come dried out but are reasonably sturdy. However, if too much pressure is applied, they can snap and break, just like and twig might do. 

I decided that I wanted to use my lotus pods to try to create some alien-like plant life. To do this, I used an MDF base and mounted a pair of pods on to it using nothing but hardware store filler. 

The filler was then painted using a graduated orange to brown colour scheme to blend in from the lower reaches of the filler to the upper parts of the lotus pod. The overall effect is one that does look distinctly alien (even without the use of tyranid parts … which is very tempting to add the odd hive tyrant style pincer or two to a single lotus pod … or even some ripper swarm members inside one of the holes along with some goo or red blood perhaps). 


Kenneth Raymond said...

Tyranid Nest! Quick bring the flamer.

Siph_Horridus said...

I thought the same, Tyranid Spore Nests... great stuff

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