Saturday, April 29, 2017

CNC Sci-Fi Admin Block

CNC miniatures are an Australia based company that are now one of many who produce MDF based 28mm terrain. They have a wide range of products on their shelves now and I have been buying from them since I lived Down Under a long while ago. UK based analogues can readily be had from companies such as TTCombat, but I still have a soft spot for CNC to say the least.

One of their recent products that I picked up were the Science-Fiction building range. I have a small bunch of these and this is just one of the range -- the administration block. 

The product comes in a sealed A4 set of three sheets. Fresh out of the wrapping, they have a characteristic "burnt" smell to them thanks to the MDF cutting process. (Fair warning to those of you out there with partners who don't like such odd smells around the house … just saying!).

The parts are very finely lasered out of the MDF sheet. There are a few tags still attached to the sheets to keep them in the frame, but these are trivial to break and get the bits out. This is significantly different to the technology that they were using ten (or so) years ago where the tabs were very significant and required a hobby knife to set them free (much like modern GW plastics). These ones are literally push out style for the main part. The remaining tabs can be sanded down to be perfectly flat if required, but for the most part, I don't find that necessary. 

The final photo shows the reverse angle compared to the one at the top. All of the MDF has been glued together very easily with PVA glue and there are plenty of extras left over for any extra bits that one might like to add to this model or any other. The product is very sturdy overall and I'm very pleased. I'm uncertain if I'll actually paint them just yet (MDF notoriously absorbs paint readily and I don't really want to coat it in more PVA to provide a layer for it to stick to better) … I feel their current colour is actually well suited to the kind of terrain that I want -- a sandy based frontier world. But more on that particular terrain board at a later date once I've created more buildings for it. 

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