Saturday, April 22, 2017

8th Edition FAQ Released!

The FAQ for 8th Edition has been released today!

Here is the Warhammer Community page announcing 8th Edition and here is the FAQ page itself.

Some thoughts from me, selected at random:

(1) The new format will follow the Age of Sigmar approach with matched play, open play, and narrative play. This seems good to me.

(2) "The rules in our current range of Warhammer 40,000 codexes aren’t compatible with the new edition of Warhammer 40,000. These books will be going off sale very soon. If you do want to pick any up, now’s the time - as all of the great hobby content and background information will be as valid as ever. "

There goes all the codexes!

(3) There will be annual "general's handbook" expansions like Age of Sigmar.

(4) No exact release date as of yet.

(5) Website:

(6) Clicking on the different "factions" reveals at least the following:
Imperium => Space marines, blood angels, dark angels, space wolves, grey knights, deathwatch, astra militarum, adepta sororitas, adeptus custodies, sisters of silence, adeptus mechanicus, imperial agents, imperials knights.

Chaos => Chaos daemons, chaos space marines, death guard, thousand sons.

Xenos => Craftworlds, harlequins, dark eldar, Ynnari, tyranids, genestealer cults, orks, necrons, tau empire.

So, what happened to the other named chaos forces then?


WestRider said...

I'm assuming that the other Chaos Factions will get specific Rules at some point as well. KDK maybe get folded into a World Eaters thing or something like that.

Siph_Horridus said...

I am cautiously optimistic. It's always worrying when they start to change your hobby no.1 love but it needed tweaking, so hopefully the new GW is doing just that, a fairly big tweak but still the 40k I love

jabberjabber said...

I share your cautious optimism. Equally, I will freely admit I do like saving throws the way they are ... but am probably in a minority about that issue ;)

Andrew Geldmacher said...

I found a leaked section of the rules, they are horrible. 7th edition is by far the greatest edition to come out and it needed a little tweeking not a whole rewrite. i've been playing since i was a kid durring 2nd edition and 8th will be worst then 3rd which is saying much. Also i have had a 30k night lords army for the past 2 years and recently spent over $2000 on a custodes 30k army, but unfortuantly no one one in my area has a 30k army, so i have always had to play agains 40k armies which was fine because the two where compatible, so now the only way i can use this brand new army will be to convince people to play 7th, which frankly after a couple of weeks of 8th im sure people will be estatic to do so.

WestRider said...

jabberjabber: I'm actually totally with you on that. I've long found the AP system to be an improvement over Save Modifiers, and Shadow War has been re-confirming that.

Just another mad Catholic said...

I'm probably going to be one of those people who'll just keep on playing with the current rules.

jabberjabber said...

For sure I will also carry on playing. But I think I'll refrain from commenting much further now that the stat lines (and everything else) are coming in thick and fast now. Maybe one or two more articles at most before the book launches, but otherwise I think I'll now take a wait and see approach.

Trey said...

As a gamer that started in 3rd Edition reading 2nd edition fluff I think what they're doing here is a 2nd edition 3rd Edition switchover in that they made a game so complex and to me unplayable unbalanced that I quit during 6th Edition if the basic rules really are free and if they really are playable maybe I'll get back into the game. Had I been able to find players to play the onepage 40K rule set now called onepage grimdark I would be happy to do so as at least it was still a war game maybe 8th Edition will be again

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