Saturday, April 1, 2017

DeepCut Studio: Neo-Tokyo Game Mat

One of the gaming mats that I have recently purchased is the Neo-Tokyo mat from DeepCut Studio. We used it for the first time on Friday just gone for one of our kill team games (although only 4x4 ft of it, rather than the full 6x4 ft). 

I must admit, I am really pleased with this purchase. I was hesitating between this one and a different city-scape from a different company, but I am very glad indeed that I purchased this one. The level of detail contained in the print is simply glorious. I like the layering that has been done here. Not only are the macro details lovely and crisp, but the small scale attention to detail is splendid. I really like the hints of spills here and there, the odd white spots, the yellow paint, and the general night-time ambience that the mat communicates. The diagonal arrangement of the roads only accentuates the feeling of a far flung future city. It really does the job terrifically well and makes a superb addition to the family of gaming boards that our local group is using (see the earlier article on the Frost Grave mat, for instance). 

As with the previous purchase, I selected to buy the mouse mat style mat to ensure zero slippage on the table top. The thickness is a couple of millimetres, and the weight is a few kilograms, so its not too bad to carry around and transport at all. As with the previous purchase, the transit time was under one week from Lithuania to the United Kingdom. 

This is one of the mats that I hope to use if and when we run a Warpstone Flux tournament. And if that event is successful, I will be investing again in DeepCut Studio's products in the future (certainly before the full exit of the United Kingdom from the EU occurs so I can take advantage of tariff free trade within the EU whilst it exists). 

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