Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Horus Heresy Review: Khenetai Occult Blade Cabal

Guardians of the Cults and warriors who combined their psychic potential with their own sword play. These are adaptable warriors and ones who have access to the full spectrum of abilities possible within the Thousand Sons.

Two Force Swords used at WS=5 is a good thing for the Thousand Sons and may be a little bit surprising for some who are not used to facing Thousand Sons.

What sets them apart is that the squad gets bonuses to both the number of attacks and WS beyond their baseline depending on how many marines are left in the squad. Clearly this calls for a maximum sized squad to begin with, and preferably mounted in a land raider of some flavour or other.

I would prefer this brotherhood of sorcerers to have more psyker levels than one. Or be able to purchase them. But it is what it is. As a result, I would suggest that Pavoni is about optimal in terms of cults for this unit, with Pyrae a close second choice.

There are not so many options here: extra members are almost a must, so it comes down to whether one prefers plasma pistols or hand flamers in place of bolt pistols.

10 Khenetai, 2 hand flamers, Blademaster with artificer armour and melta bombs (345 points).
Probably about the best build available. Place inside a land raider and go hunting. I favour Pavoni with these marines. Hope to get Iron Arm, but the primaris is nice as well. 

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Zeratil said...

I really want to try 9 with an IC (probably a Corvidae chaplain... I mean 'guardian of the cult') in a dreadclaw. I think where these guys will excel is cleaning up the backfield of 3+ armour save squads. With ap3 weapons they don't really want to be going toe to toe with terminators or units like locutarus or Templar Brethren

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