Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Dinosaur Bones

A long time ago, I owned one of those "dig it up yourself" fossil boxes. If that means nothing to you, then consider this product: a plastic dinosaur that you have to assemble, that has been encased in a large blob of sandstone (or some kind of hard filler at any rate!) and you are given a scraping tool to "reveal" the skeleton of.

It takes a serious amount of time and effort to get the skeleton out. I guess that is the point at some level though!

And I've had this dinosaur model knocking around my bits box for literally years since I excavated it from its original confines. I then found that the bones sat nicely on some of the MDF cut outs that I owned from CNC miniatures.

So, what is a guy like me to do with this? Well, the answer was simple. Re-encase in some limited amount of filler, paint it up, decorate with flock and add a couple of small, space marine sized trees around the edge. 

Hey presto and its done! A bunch of dinosaur bones scatter terrain that would look good on many grassy themed gaming boards!


WestRider said...

Yes! That is awesome. Great idea, and excellent execution!

jabberjabber said...

cheers mate!

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