Thursday, April 27, 2017

Old Computer Fan Scenery and a Rookie Mistake

On a roll with the scenery at the moment, and with some old parts too. In the image below, you can see the remains of a very old computer fan. I have torn off the last remnants of cable and mounting (including screws) from the fan so that there is only the casing and the fan itself left. It is resting on top of some blue styrene cut to size.

It is at this point that I made a stupid rookie error of judgement. Seriously, I am totally embarrassed to tell you what I did next. 

I got a can of chaos black spray paint and tried to undercoat it.

For those of you not in the know, spray paint dissolves styrene, rather than coats it in a nice layer of paint. I could have kicked myself for this. How did I not remember that spray paint accelerant does this? Such a stupid move really. And one that I should have totally avoided. Please learn from my mistakes! Ha!

Anyway. I did a rescue plan. I mounted four squares of cut plastic on each side of the remaining cube and glued them in to place with a generous amount of PVA glue and a few prayers to the modelling pantheon. 

It worked, by the edges really didn't look right. So I got hold of some drinking straws, sliced them up and fixed them to the corners of the mounting cube and painted them black too. The image below shows the final state of the computer fan cubes. I'll give them a bit more of a silver dry brushing, but they're basically done at this stage -- a terrain piece that blocks line of sight and looks very appropriate for a forge world style game board. 


The GunGrave said...

Oh no, rookie mistake!! Lol!

Great piece to use for terrain though! I'm sure you'll be able to suitably rescue it!

jabberjabber said...

I know, right(!)
Not too hard to rescue though. Just a bit more of a paint job and a reminder to myself to pay more attention to what I'm doing! Ha!

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