Monday, April 24, 2017

40k 8th Ed. Broadcast Digest

I am sorry to say that I didn't take notes (I was on public transport), but here are a few points from the 40k broadcast on 8th edition that I was listening to just now.

* There is a rebate available if you've purchased a codex or rules book within the past 8 weeks (of the announcement of 8th).

* templates are gone.

* 40k will get some Age of Sigmar'ing -- there will certainly be annual generals handbooks.

* on release, there will be 5 (I think I heard that right) faction books available. There will be digital releases.

* all current units and models will be playable.

* don't stress about factions not being there on the 40k website at the moment -- they are still in.

* there are 14 odd force organization charts available. more bonuses available for themed armies (perhaps even not taking allies will generate more bonuses).

* each chart will generate different amounts of command points.

* command points purchase one-offs (re roll a die; activate your unit in close combat even if you would be going last due to being charged)

* 3 ways to play (see Age of Sigmar).

* TWO points systems: one for a very granular level (tournament play) and one for a broad brush stroke power level analysis (narrative play).

* the current death stars may be a thing of the past -- the ability to spread bonuses to units will only affect units with certain keywords associated with them (see Age of Sigmar!).

* no unit stat is capped at ten.

* no armour values for tanks! I guess they will have wounds greater than 10!

* sped up gameplay -- 1500 pts in about 1.5 hours.

* there has been plentiful playtesting and it is "very balanced".

Anyone remember anything else?

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