Monday, February 22, 2016

Vexilla Bearer

Based, legged and bodied, this is the complete, but unpainted, legion Vexilla Bearer for the Alpha Legion force I'm assembling. The parts are as follows:

Chaos Space Marines: Head, torso, arms, pole
Space Marines: Bolter, vexilla, backpack, right shoulder pad
Forge World: Legs (with truescale legs conversion)
Anvil Industry: Barrel drum on the bolter
Metal Alpha Legion shoulder pad (left shoulder).
Base: 32mm, with cork.

Overall, the miniature is actually rather tall. I don't know quite why I should be shocked at this given what I've done to his legs and the approximately half-centimetre of cork on the base. He really stands out and stand tall - proudly propping up the vexilla for the Legion.

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