Sunday, February 14, 2016

Horus Heresy Review: Inducted Levy Squad

Where people commit crimes that are not worth of the death sentence, then they can be drafted in to the Army. Where people are from a low tech background or a gang wants them to prove themselves, they join the Army. Where near abhumans needs to be got rid of, they're sent to join the Army.

The inducted levy squad includes all of these, and which one precisely will depend on the nature of the army being created.

They're cheap. Dirt cheap. You might like to think Tyranids are cheap. These are cheaper.

They are strictly worse than the mortal human stat line with one less pip in Leadership, WS and BS. And they have a worse save. No wonder Tyranid Gaunts are better. At least Discipline Collars are possible here.

50 Inductees with lascarbines or laslocks, Discipline Collars (120 points)
A humongous blob of troops. They're a meat shield at best. At least some massed shooting could take out a few space marines if push comes to shove. Add frag grenades for fun. And probably a Vexilla (but that won't truthfully help all that much - fearless would be better if you have an option).

20 Inductees, Custodian with hand flamer, 1 Vexilla, frag grenades (70 points)
Rather expensive for what they are really. But hey, you can afford 70 points, right?

50 Inductees, 1 Vexilla, Discipline Collars, Frag Grenades, all with auxilia pistols, Custodian with blast pistol (135 points)
The maximised squad built for close combat. Cheap enough and cheerful. An entire army could be constructed with 6 lots of these. Does your opponent have enough fire power to take care of them all?


The Horned God said...

Nice coverage. Would be great to see some expansion on potential interplays with the various provenances.

As an example, if you are building a close combat Imperialis army should you field Inducted Levy in preference to Militia squads? If you want to field Inducted Levy are there any really good or bad choices of provenances for a close combat focussed army? Given that Tainted Flesh means you have to field Inducted Levy would you just go lots of minimum size units? Given that First Blood cannot be claimed for wiping out Inducted Levy does that change how you would field them?

jabberjabber said...

Thanks for the encouragement!

My intent at this point is to do a review for the army, and then follow it up with example army lists where I choose some of the provenances and illustrate ideas and builds that way. Much in the same way I'm doing with the Space Marine Legions and then illustrating army lists with certain rites of war. I'll get there in the end, I promise!

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