Saturday, February 13, 2016

Horus Heresy Review: Imperialis Militia Infantry Squad

At the core of the Imperial Army are the Infantry Squads. Large, mortal and armed with standard fare, these men and women can be built in a small number of combinations, that ultimately shine (or not) dependant on the rest of the army and the choices made for Provenances by taking a force commander.

Twenty bodies for a cheap price is nothing to be sneezed at. They're very reminiscent of Imperial Guard or Tyranids in 40k -- lots of bodies that are weak in isolation, but in great number present an issue for many armies to supply sufficient fire power to deal with them all.

If their cheapness and their numbers are their strength, then their obvious weaknesses are their mortal stat line combined with a save that even a bolt gun will melt away. They're going to die in droves against Space Marines and run screaming. Hence a dedicated transport option is advisable here not only for survivability but also for getting them in to position.

20 Militia, with 2 close combat weapons, sergeant with power weapon, 1 vexilla, krak grenades (75 points).
Fundamentally a close combat orientated squad that could potentially be a tar pit for a turn of two. Give them a transport. Hook up with other elements. Hope you've got some good Provenances (Gene Crafted? Jackers? Hordes?).

20 Militia, all with laslocks, 1 vexilla (80 points).
With a S=4 gun, this squad can shoot as well as space marines. They still die like mortals, so take a transport.

20 Militia, all with larcarbines (or auto guns --they're functionally the same), 1 vexilla, krak grenades, sergeant with melta bombs, blast pistol (90 points).
Almost a fully upgraded squad to provide full tactical flexibility. Take a transport, plus some half decent Provenances. And then multiple other squads. 

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