Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Alpha Legion Headhunters Kill Team Unboxing

Fresh from the factory, and delivered to my door today: a set of new Headhunter Killteam bits for my Alpha Legion force!

The image below is what the components look like fresh out of the clam pack, with no tidying up work performed at all.

Some comments in no particular order:

The copyright date is 2015. That is perfectly reasonable, of course, for a product advertised in January 2016 and shipped in February 2016. Unless I'm cynical and think that the product was finalised in early 2015. 

Some of the bits feel to me like they were practise for other things. The triskelion like shoulder pad for instance: I wonder if we'll be seeing that again elsewhere (I'm optimistic for Lernaean terminators, naturally). Some of the heads as well are very reminiscent of the picture of Alpharius' head plume in the third Horus Heresy book, Extermination. I certainly have my fingers crossed for the Primarch coming out soon.

The clean up doesn't look too bad. A good wash and a few flashes to remove and I'll be done. Most of the parts do look like they are connected to the large chunks of resin in sensible places as well - leaving minimal marks to deal with once they're cut away.

I'll be making new miniatures from these parts very soon!

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