Monday, February 15, 2016

Horus Heresy Review: Imperialis Militia Grenadier Squad

Although they might be called `Grenadiers', this term has been authorised in the administration to mean well trained soldiers. These are the elites - so to speak - of the Army. The professionals. The nobility. As with other elements of the army though, they can be as varied as the worlds that they come from.

In terms of their stat line, they are basic human mortal levels with one additional pip in their BS. This is critical as it takes them up to the same level as space marines. Therefore when armed with something like laslocks, or even bolters they're just as deadly.

With an option to take two special weapons, they can also be customised to a good degree. This makes the squad very versatile and able to fulfil a wider amount of roles in the army compared to other troops choices.

As with other mortals, they die rather easily. A transport option is probably a virtual must here unless the player has a better way to transport them (or if they're just going to knuckle down on an objective).  Twelve or less is good for an Arvus, or the Gorgon otherwise. To help with their flimsiness, they're cheap. So its easy to fit plenty of them in an army.

Several entertaining thoughts here. See what you think.

12 Gernadiers, 2 plasma guns, all with bolt guns, 1 Vexilla, Sergeant with blast pistol (140 points).
Put in an Arvus and go shooting the plasma weapons at viable targets!

12 Grenadiers, 2 melta guns, all with bolt guns, 1 Vexilla, Sergeant with blast pistol and melta bombs (145 points).
A tank hunting variant of the above. Melta bombs for extra effect hopefully.

20 Grenadiers, 2 grenade launchers with either gas OR fire burst upgrades, all with laslocks, 1 Vexilla (160 points).
A large squad to use as sacrifices to keep the grenade launchers going.

20 Grenadiers, 2 flamers, 1 Vexilla, Sergeant with hand flamer (135 points).
Sit on an objective and try to look threatening with all those flamers to deter incoming charges? Sit in a Gorgon tank as well preferably.
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