Sunday, February 21, 2016

Alpha Legion: Dynamic Heavy Support

A new model just recently completed for my growing Alpha Legion forces. For this model, I wanted to communicate a certain level of dynamism that is not ordinarily seen in a heavy support trooper. Hence I decided early on that this model would be posed to be firing his bolt pistol side arm, rather than his heavy support weapon. We don't get to see this kind of thing often enough in my opinion: a trooper who is flexible and has the presence of mind to remember that he actually has a side arm and knows exactly how to use it on the move. This, if nothing else, screams Alpha Legion to me. 

The heavy weapon itself is interesting. For this, I've used an Eldar missile launcher to represent a regular missile launcher. The weapon is mounted on a chaos space marine heavy bolter plastic fist in the left hand, slung away from the body to communicate the trooper being in motion. This is helped out by the pose -- the forward foot coming down hard on a ruined tyre and the back foot nearly off the 32mm base that I've used here. Indeed, this model is so off-kilter and off-centre that it had a permanent wobbly model syndrome. I've therefore glued a small coin to the underside of the base to prevent it from toppling over all the time. 

Apart from the helm being from the Grey Knight range, everything else is Forge World. Including the legs which, as can be seen, have been green stuffed to give this marine extra height as part of my drive to have true scale for many of these marines (I probably won't do this with some of them though -- particularly assault marines -- it tends to kill my modelling mojo and just isn't needed on every model to be honest). 

Overall, very pleased with this model! 

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