Thursday, February 4, 2016

Horus Heresy Review: Imperialis Auxilia Platoon Command Cadre

This Cadre is a collection of the best troops, officers and advisors available to a commander in the Imperial Army (or cult army). For those still loyal, it might be ganger members, or perhaps family of the commander. But for those who have turned traitor, they could be representing the ambitious and deceitful bunch who congregate around a tyrant. Or worse.

The Cadre comes with 6 people, of which the platoon commander has two wounds. As a baseline unit, one has to remember that they're in need of some upgrades and transports.

Poor leadership (despite pseudo-stubborn bodyguards thanks to the standard). Weak in combat. Not particularly outstanding in melee. Why would you take this squad? Presumably because they're really cheap and they're ablative wounds available for the real HQ! I'd actually entertain placing them in a transport like a Gorgon even, alongside other close combat exponents who want a ride and can provide a lot of wounds. Out in the open, they'll perish on the first turn if they're not careful: platoon standard bearer and all.

Command Cadre, Commander with power fist (45 points).
The points cost for this baseline unit is absolutely amazing - the "hidden" power fist combines well with other squads for a ride in a transport, whilst this squad is reasonable at what it does (soak up wounds) for other HQ choices.

Command Cadre, 4 extra bodyguards, Commander with melta bombs, refractor field, power fist; bodyguards with grenade launchers; carapace armour all round (155 points).
This is the near-fully upgraded version can be deadly in the right circumstances, and has a bit more staying power than the baseline version thanks to better armour. Its still not going to hang around too much, and hence needs transportation or effective positioning. But its now a squad to be a little more wary of for the enemy. 

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