Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Horus Heresy Review: Auxilia Gorgon Heavy Transporter

The Gorgon is a super heavy tank that is designed to be a massive armoured transporter. Its use in the annals of the Great Crusade are noted to be primarily to secure breach heads and generally overrun enemy positions where the survival of troops would otherwise be nil.

Its a super heavy tank! With excellent AV on the front and sides, coupled with a huge amount of hull points, this is a serious vehicle for serious armies!

As if to demonstrate just how serious it is, there is space for a whopping 40 troops to be transported on board. Indeed, so huge is the capacity, that even the rules note that the model itself can only fit something like 15 on the tabletop -- just leave the others to one side for when they're ready to be disembarked! Also, its worth noting that only two squads can disembark per turn from the vehicle.

The Heavily Armoured Prow makes the vehicle very impressive with an inbuilt invulnerable save. The mortar battery, although one use only, is not too bad an armament either.

The rear armour is a bit of a concern at AV=10. Outflanking can cause problematic holes in the rear of this tank. Its also open topped, hence the rear armour is of top concern to defend against opportunist attacks.

There are actually a number of options here, depending on how one wants to run it. I primarily see two things to do: make the weapons strong and long ranged, or shorter and focussed (e.g., in an anti-infantry sense).

Gorgon, Armoured Ceramite, Mortar Battery (300 points).
This is probably the baseline build. The auto cannons and mortar combine well to give a good anti infantry role, although I could be tempted by some heavy flamers or multi lasers to replace the mortar.

Gorgon, Armoured Ceramite, 2 Twin-Linked lascannons, replace the battery with Lascannons as well (340 points).
Plenty of lascannons here to play around with! This is one that can blow up tanks and then disembark its own contents to take care of any troops that were riding on board. Add hunter-killer missiles to taste.

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