Sunday, February 28, 2016

Alpha Legion Heavy Support Squad

I finally finished assembling a small squad of five Alpha Legion heavy support marines with missile launchers. 

As with my initial test models of these men, they're toting Eldar missile launchers. The reason for this is that I see this particular Alpha Legion splinter group as having zero tolerance for not making use of anything and everything that they come across. Therefore, isolated and away from central command structures, they actively use everything that they can land their hands on - including Xenos technology, just like their Primarch, Alpharius is observed to. 

Each of the space marines is a true scale interpretation -- they have had their legs lengthened by an extension to the thighs, as will almost every marine in this army. This gives them extra height. For the squad sergeant, I've used terminator legs rather than regular marines to make him look more sturdy. In addition, I've attempted to model some high-tech binoculars in his hands as well.

All of the marines in addition to the main conversions are extensive kit bases from a variety of sources. These include not just Forge World parts, but also Eldar, space marines, chaos space marines, grey knights, dark angels and others. 

I'm looking forward to painting these guys up using the air compressor!

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