Thursday, February 25, 2016

30k Legions vs Veterans of the Long War

In the next few weeks, we'll be playing a series of games in a round robin style format or tournament. This will be purely for fun, of course. I'll be using a 30k Alpha Legion army list and will be testing out a list that I've never used before.

However, one entertaining rules query has already come up. One of the other players will be using Codex: Chaos Space Marines. Without thinking about the background fluff too much, how will Veterans of the Long War special rule interact with a 30k Space Marine Legions army list?

I am personally going to suggest a ruling that it'll have its full effect. It seems only fair. Regardless of whether I declare my Alpha Legion to be Loyal or Traitor, the wording of Veterans of the Long War is such that it effects "Space Marines". I regard that the pre-Heresy (certainly) and the immediate post-Heresy Alpha Legion (arguably) were still Space Marines in effect and were not highly influenced by chaos until later on. 

I'm wondering if others have come across this before (or other interactions of 40k and 30k rules) and what they've done? 


George Quail said...

I think that's a fair ruling. Certainly from a fluff point of view I find it hard to consider a Legion army as anything other than Space Marines with some different descriptive fluff.

This might get more complex when it comes time to pick when a Traitor army stops being Legion and starts being proto Chaos Marines... but I don't think we've crossed that point in the existing HH books.

jabberjabber said...

The case could be made that the Word Bearers have long since crossed the line to chaos marines. From replacing the Imperial Truth with worship of the darker powers and the fielding of Gal Vorbak possessed, they're already arguably close to classic chaos marines :-)

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