Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Flux Battle Objectives

A long while ago, I posted a series of posts about novel implementations of battle objectives (I: Primary Objectives, II: Secondary Objectives, III: Sub-Plots). Before I left Melbourne for the UK, I said to my gaming group that I was going to write the full suite of them all up in a system-agnostic style (i.e. they're not written explicitly for 40k at all - they're an entirely new system of objectives, but they're certainly easy to use for 40k and other systems without effort) for publication. And now, I've finally got around to doing it!

And as can be seen in the image (which is the front cover of the publication), I've also been messing around in GIMP (the free analogue of Photoshop). The image was created in multiple layers and the only outside photo I've used for it is the planet's surface which was done by taking an image of some sand!

If you enjoy it, a rating and a comment would be nice to receive on the publishing site. And if you know me personally, I might be able to arrange a complimentary copy for you - write to me.

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