Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Horus Heresy Review: Medusan Immortals Squad

This is where the "failures" of the Iron Hands legion go to reclaim a bit of their honour. Before perishing in ways too grizzly to contemplate.

In short, they are breacher marines with lots of bionic upgrades and no sense of self preservation in the attempt to overcome their Father's bleak code of warfare. One unique rule here is that if they win a close assault, they can opt to gun them down -- by taking snap shots instead of sweeping advances. This ties nicely with the Iron Hands legion rules set.

I think these marines are generally ones that we want to have as front line meat shields, but primarily set up for shooting -- even with the boarding shield and feel no pain rule. That said, we could go close combat orientated here as well, but at the expense of the bolt guns.

Here are a few build ideas to think between.

Medusan Immortal Squad with 20 members, all with volkite chargers, veteran sergeant with melta bombs (475 points)
Purely here for the maximal use of the volkite weapons. Keep out of close combat and deflagrate anything within range.

Medusan Immortal Squad with 20 members, 15 with close combat weapons instead of bolters, 4 with graviton guns, veteran sergeant with thunder hammer, artificer armour, and melta bombs (465 points)
Expense melee unit basically. But can be very effective and hang around a while due to the feel no pain and the Iron Hands legion rules. Place inside a transport that can hold 20 power armoured marines and sally forth to vanquish foes!

Medusan Immortal Squad with 10 members, 2 with lascutters, veteran sergeant with power fist, artificer armour, and single breaching charge (305 points)
Equip with a land raider again, and destroy things that get in the way basically. Buildings and the like that is.

Medusan Immortal Squad with 10 members, veteran sergeant with artificer armour and thunder hammer (280 points)
More of a base line squad. Use in conjunction with a land raider if required. These guys are meat shields on the whole, and should be used to block line of sight and provide cover saves where possible.

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