Friday, December 5, 2014

Unboxing Mark III Iron Armour from Forge World

To build some authentic space marines for my growing 30k army, I purchased some Mk III Iron Armour marines from Forge World. Below is a picture of them (minus the bases) as they came directly out of the packaging with. 

As can be seen, they come in the same components as the plastic range does except for the torsos which are a single piece. There are multiple poses, but all come with bolter arms as the default option (unless one specifically orders the rampager squads -- which is chainsword plus bolt pistol). I think its important to note that the bolters do not come with this set. You have to supply your own, or order them separately.

The sculpts are excellent, but there were one or two minor air bubbles here and there as one might expect from resin casting. Nothing that cannot be fixed with some greenstuff. Importantly, working with resin is also quite different to plastics as it is more brittle. Hence slicing these pieces from their sprues (if I can even call them that -- they're large resin blocks that add a lot to the packaging weight if I'm honest!) needs to be done with care so that you don't snap off a critical bit here or there. I'll be mixing these bits in with other regular space marines, chaos space marines as well as bits from other companies to assemble my Alpha Legion army from!

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