Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Games Workshop Leeds

On my travels again - and this time in the city of Leeds in the United Kingdom. As usual, I decided to do my "mystery shopper" thing and look at the local Games Workshop store there and see what I thought of it. I was greeted by a chap called Steve (or it could have been Steven - apologies if I got that wrong). As well as being very enthusiastic, he also was keen to show off what the store was up to. This included an End Times themed fantasy board that looked to be a great work in progress (Nagash orientated it would seem), as well as a grubby Nurgle Daemon Prince that was being worked on! Both looked splendid to say the least and I was very impressed with the staff.

In terms of location, the Leeds store is situated on Briggate (pictured) which is at most a 5 minutes walk from Leeds train station. Leeds train station is a very busy one at most times of the day - serving the main Northern England Trans-Pennine route (connecting Liverpool to Hull and York, plus the North). It couldn't be in a much better location from a gamer's point of view who wanted to catch a bus or train in to the city, but I suspect that driving here would be a bit of a pain in the busy city streets - especially in the weeks before Christmas (like I visited here!). Overall, a nice store to play in and visit, but I personally wouldn't want to drive here.

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