Saturday, December 13, 2014

Horus Heresy Review: Iron-Father Autek Mor

In many ways, Mor is a souped-up Iron-Father. He comes with cataphractii armour which I contend should be upgraded with a cyber familiar for maximum effect and some standard equipment. Curiously, he is also described as having "no love lost between him and his primarch" and controls a clan that is pretty much where the outcasts of the legion go. If Ferrus Manus is a bit strict, then this guy must almost be a World Eater by rights -- slaying others in his command he felt slighted by in duels. This and other background fluff surrounding the Iron Hands make me wonder just how close they might have been siding with Horus if only they'd be contacted earlier perhaps.

What stands out with him is the cortex controller. This strongly suggests a build involving robots, and the usage of the Legion's rite of war: The Head of the Gorgon, which allows the incorporation of battle-automata maniples as elites. I think in this role, Mor is an unsurpassed HQ choice (that isn't Ferrus Manus) for the Iron Hands, at a points cost that is comparable to a reasonably built Iron-Father. Place him with a command squad, or a squad of terminators inside a land raider and have some happy hunting times! His warlord trait (preferred enemy) will certainly help in this regard and will enable enemy infantry to be brought down quickly.

Overall, a points effective and excellent choice for an Iron Hands HQ, so long as you build an army list around his abilities.

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