Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Bolters Conversion

Following on from yesterday's review of the drum magazine from Anvil Industry, today are a selection of the bolter conversions that are possible with this accessory.

The image shows bolters from not only the space marine range, but also the chaos space marines and Dark Angels. For the conversions, the normal magazine clips were removed and shaved down flush with the bolter itself with a fine file. The drum magazine from Anvil Industry is a three quarters cylinder, hence it fits very snugly on to the body of the bolter with each. A little bit of glue and its complete. The only thing to do now is to glue them on to the arms of some marines. As can be seen, some of the bolters retain a right hand already, but for the rest, I'll have to source the hands from other bits in the space marine and chaos space marine boxed sets.

I think these bolters look great in comparison to regular ones. I intend to use them in a Legion Tactical Squad to make them really stand out from other "ordinary" marines. One of the main reasons for doing this is the "Fury of the Legion" special rule that is only available to the tactical squads -- they basically use up a whole load of bolter shells to fire twice in one round on their targets. And that is what I think these bolters suggest: a whole load of extra firepower available at whim.

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