Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Truescale Meltagunner

This is the final melta gun toting marine for my (minimum sized) Legion Support Squad. As a true scale analogue, I have extended the marine's legs just above the knee joints by a good 3 to 4mm to build in extra height. Additionally, the waist has been raised by adding in some greenstuff filler to give another 1mm or so of extra height. This subtle addition to the height makes all the difference to the final scale of the model.

The bits for the rest of the miniature consist of a blend of chaos space marine, grey knights, and space marine parts -- all plastic in this case. The final marine is a Corvus mark marine -- but Corvus Alpha, rather than true Mk.VI perhaps(!). Overall, I'm pleased with this conversion and the pose has a quantum of dynamism built in to it with the marine seemingly firing the melta gun whilst taking a stride and lowering the bolt pistol for the moment. 

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